In the warms waters of the Indian Ocean and tucked between Mauritius and Madagascar, lies the island of Réunion, a tiny piece of paradise. The country’s intricate weaving of cultures; African, French, Chinese, Indian and Creole compose a multi-ethnic tapestry that enrich every aspect of life here.  From the exotic culinary delights to the nuances in colonial architecture, Réunion’s vivid heritage is proudly showcased everywhere.

Take away the palm trees and tropical ambiance and the pretty little capital of Saint-Denis resembles a bustling town in Provence. Like other more magnetic cities in Réunion, Saint-Denis is chockfull of brasseries, boulangeries and chic bistros and cute cafés. Just beneath the glossy French exterior there is the unwavering Creole spirit that adds depth and colour to the European façade. The cities of Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu and Saint-Paul are the more prominent tourist locales. Saint-Gilles’ immaculate resort of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains provides visitors with their dream island holiday. Guests will adore the relaxed vibe where beaches never quite fill up and numerous water activities offered. The area comes to life over the weekend as guests revel in the energetic nightlife. Saint-Paul is known for its vibrant marketplaces and breath-taking beaches while Saint-Leu attracts the thrill-seekers who paraglide down from the Hauts to the lagoon.

Rénunion is a lush and wildly beautiful getaway for travellers hoping to break from the norm. Renowned for its emerald forests and volcanoes, Réunion offers a host of adventurous outdoor activities such as; paragliding, horseback riding, climbing, whale watching and rafting. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will want to traverse across the otherworldly Cirque de Cilaos or the Mafate Cirque. The impressive canyons and mountainous ascents provide the ultimate obstacle course for hikers. The two most ambitious multi-day hikes are the GR1 and the GR2, each providing hikers with stunning views of the island.

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