Gelendjik - Dolmen, the huge ruins of ancient megalithic chamber tombs, are the most striking, widespread and still mysterious relics of the prehistoric Western Caucasus - a far-away southeastern frontier of Europe.

The more than 3.000 megalithic monuments registered to date fall within an approximate fifteen hundred-year span. In spite of the variety of Caucasian monuments, they show strong similarities with megaliths from different parts of Europe and Asia, like the Iberian Peninsula, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Israel and India. A range of hypotheses have been put forward to explain these similarities and the building of megaliths on the whole, but still it remains unclear. A great pity is that the study of Caucasian megaliths is that, for a long period, it has only focused on the architectural features, to the detriment of other aspects of the phenomenon. The proposed project is an attempt to bridge the gap that separates the Caucasian megaliths from their cultural and ecological contexts, taking advantage of comparative and contextual analysis.

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