Rwanda, known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills” is remote enough to lure the most adventurous travellers, while still catering to those who desire sophisticated hotel suites. The country’s tourism industry has prospered over the last two decades and has helped get Rwanda back on track after the devastating events of 1994. Political stability and high levels of security have encouraged increasing waves of foreign investment to flood the country. Due to this recent surge in wealth and prosperity, Kigali has transformed into a modern cosmopolitan capital. Kigali is a remarkably clean and safe African city. With a host of restaurants offering delicious international fare, bars and clubs that buzz after dark and impressive museums you will have your days and nights fully booked. The Kandt House Museum of Natural History and the Kigali National Museum are some of the city’s highlights, but the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is the cultural crown jewel of the city. The museum delivers an emotional and powerful experience through its well-curated, heart-wrenching displays.

One of the biggest draws to Rwanda is the chance to encounter the elusive mountain gorillas that dwell in Volcanoes National Park. Amateur biologists and hiking aficionados will devour the opportunity to stalk through the bamboo forests of the Rwandan Virungas, the undisputed highlight of the region. Along this route is an assortment of eco-luxury lodges where you can enjoy some R&R after a long day of trekking.

Below the lush treelines of the Virunga Mountains are the calm, sandy shores of Lake Kivu. The sleepy lakeshore town of Gisenyi is Rwanda’s the top spot for a beach holiday. The town has a low-key vibe that oozes over the charming colonial-style villas and hotels. Gisenyi offers a variety of accommodation for any breed of traveller, from budget conscious hostels to ultra deluxe hotels. The Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is a 4-star beachfront resort that epitomises African luxury. The hotel has thirty pristine rooms, perfectly manicured grounds and a sublime swimming pool. Enjoy an excursion out on the water and the numerous water sports offered. Or stick to dry land and go on a community-based tour or a hike through the volcanic landscape.

Fall in love with the stunning surroundings and resilient people of Rwanda. A holiday here will leave you with the most breath-taking photos and unforgettable memories. Once you land at Kigali International Airport, also known as Kanombe International Airport, have your pre-booked Rwanda airport transfer guide you to your exciting holiday. Hoppa provides the best value for service and is conveniently placed throughout Rwanda. Allow us to handle the details of your Rwanda airport transfers and arrive on holiday carefree.