Modern Senegal, like many other West African countries is a product of European colonisation. The Portuguese, Dutch, English and French all had a stake in Senegal at some point. However, it was the French who had the most impact over Senegalese language, culture and history. Senegal offers a unique glance at how centuries’ old European influence intertwined with traditional African culture. The product is a socially vibrant and predominantly Muslim nation. Many travellers venture to Senegal to experience its diverse offerings such as: the national parks and reserves, beautiful beaches, fascinating cities and historical sites.

Fly into the capital of Dakar and you are immediately greeted by a flurry of people and high volume traffic. Make your arrival as seamless as possible and pre-book your Senegal airport transfer with hoppa. Our trustworthy service will bring you quickly and comfortably to your Dakar accommodation. While in Dakar you dive into the city’s riveting arts scene by taking a tour through Village des Arts and the Musée Théodore Monod, one of the very best museums in West Africa. The ancient Médina district is a cultural hotspot where tourists can visit the Grand Mosque and the overflowing Soumbédioune street market. If you haven’t reached your culture quota yet, then take a trip over the Pont Faidherbe to the old colonial town of Saint-Louis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A short ferry ride away from Dakar and you will land on the captivating Île de Gorée. The island played a pivotal role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Now however, shows little evidence of its dismal past except for La Maison des Esclaves, where visitors can see the conditions that both slaves and slavers lived in before setting out for the New World. Visitors will love the quiet, car-free streets that wrap around the crumbling colonial houses.

Senegal might not seem like an obvious destination for your next beach holiday, but great surf, lively nightlife and quiet, unspoiled coasts continue to draw tourists every year. The golden sand beaches of Cap Skirring are some of the most striking in the region and are always popular with international travellers.

Senegal has numerous natural sites for tourists to discover. The most frequented are: the Fathala Reserve within the Saloum Delta National Park and the salty Pink Lake. The mysterious Stone Circles that spread through out Senegal and the Gambia attract sleuth-minded visitors. The two main locations in Senegal are, Sine Ngayène Kaolack and Wanar Kaolack, both have visitor centers that offer guided tours.

When you travel to Senegal for holiday, one thing is for certain; this country of many contrasts will surprise you. Enjoy Senegal’s natural beauty and complex culture without worrying about how you will get from point B to point B. When you pre-book your Senegal airport transfers with hoppa, we handle all of the details of your arrival and departure.