Mahe Island - Barbaron

La Digue is situated a short distance from Praslin, but is unreachable by plane, instead a short boat ride from Praslin to La Digue is required, lasting only 20 minutes or so.

Immediately after stepping off the boat one notices the oxcarts, the taxis of La Digue. Cars are restricted on the island, with only a few in existences. Oxcart is the main method of transport, but bicycles can be hired allowing the tourist easy transport to the more difficult to reach places.

La Digue is most famous for its beautiful landscape, offering unique rock formations reaching down to the sea. No where else within the Seychelles are such wonders to be seen, the ancient granite rocks worn away by old father time, leaving breath taking structures for the eye to marvel at. La Digue is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, spectacular coves where one can find deserted beaches with no other tourists beside yourself. The simple beauty and charm has made the island into a favourite for film producers and photographers.

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