Mahe Island - South Mahe

If you are looking for spending some beautiful holidays in the islands in Seychelles, you can make it a real enjoyable and exciting experience. Gaining such experience is made possible by the Praslin hotels and hotels in Mahe for the travelers. While most of the 115 islands that constitute the Seychelles islands are uninhabited, Mahe and Praslin are the two most populated ones. Mahe is the center of the archipelago while Praslin, the second largest island is the ideal abode for honeymoon seeking couples from around the world.

If you have decided to stay in Praslin hotels as you have chosen the second largest island of Seychelles as your camping destination then you will have a highly tranquil and peaceful environment around. You can move to Mahe from there in convenience as it is only one hour away by Ferry or 15 minutes by air. That is one reason why there is little to choose between Praslin hotels and hotels in Mahe for travelers during your tours and travels to Seychelles.

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