Bothas Hill

Not only are the views from up on Botha’s Hill some of the most spectacular in the country - it overlooks the Valley of a Thousand Hills - but Botha’s Hill is one of ‘‘those’’ hills that invariably gets a mention when it’s time for the Comrades Marathon.

From the top of Botha’’s Hill to the base of Cowies Hill, there is a drop of more than 500 metres in less than 22 kilometres - small wonder that the down run is such a challenge.

A trip up here would be incomplete without a stop to look out over the Valley of a Thousand Hills, one of KwaZulu Natal’s best kept secrets, as it lies sprawled out beneath you in a carpet of undulating hills that invite at least a moment of silent contemplation. This part of the world is always cooler than Durban. The air and the tranquil beauty of the surrounds a consistent attraction to artists and crafters, hence the new 1000 Hills Experience Route, which follows the same route as the Comrades Marathon, taking one through valleys, gorges, forests, rivers and over a succession of rolling hills.

Attractions: 1000 Hills Choo Choo, Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, Valley of 1000 Hills Route, Visit Phezulu Crocodile & Snake Park, Zulu Dancing at Phezula Game Park, etc.

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