The town of Ladysmith on the banks of the Klip River was proclaimed in 1850. Ladysmith was named after the Spanish wife of Sir Harry Smith who was the Cape Colonys first governor and was known for his fairness. Ladysmith became a prosperous staging- post for fortune-hunters en route to the Transvaal gold-fields and diamond discoveries at Kimberley.

Almost halfway between Johannesburg and Durban, Ladysmith is the ideal place for a stop-over. Whether for a few nights or just a few hours - Ladysmith offers a rewarding experience to all its visitors.

dysmith made world headlines at the turn of the century when it was besieged for 118 days during the most crucial stage of the Anglo-Boer War. Today Ladysmith is a commercial centre for surrounding communities, the town of Ladymith is a natural gateway to the tourist delights of the Central and Northern reaches of the Drakensberg Mountains. Snowcapped peaks during winter form a breathtaking backdrop.

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