South Korea is a country of contrasts. Within its compact borders lie a host of contradicting elements that perfectly balance one another and add depth and variety to the culture. Quiet rice paddies and tiny villages in the countryside are off-set by the rush, noise and non-stop action of South Korea’s super shiny cities like Seoul and Busan. Ancient Buddhist traditions are practiced with the same reverence given to the youth’s wave of pulsating pop culture and ultra-modern fashion and design. South Korea offers visitors an alluring array of experiences coupled with an incredibly welcoming and friendly society. While you trek across the country don’t be surprised if some hospitable locals invite you for tea or to share a meal at their table: it’s all a part of the experience! So whether you want to feel the fast-paced life of the cities, absorb the ancient rituals practiced in peaceful pagodas or take a boat ride to a remote island, it’s all here and more. Best of all, everything you seek to do is within reach thanks to the county’s small size and superb transportation system.

Seoul is South Korea’s electric capital city, bursting with sights, sounds and smells at all hours of the day and night. The super-charged city seamlessly blends the glimmering modernity of the high-tech world with striking old palaces and bustling night markets with such finesse that it will seem impossible to imagine the city any other way. Food-lovers will want to add the Gwangjang Market to the top of their to-do lists. This sprawling market is home to over 200 stalls set up among kimichi and seafood vendors and open late for those late-night munchies. For a glimpse into Seoul’s traditional past, look no further than the Changdeokgung Palace, the most stunning of the city’s five palaces and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nestled on a hill, the ancient palace gracefully incorporates the serene natural scenery into its own aesthetics. Built in 1405, and meticulously restored, this palace is truly one of Seoul’s most beloved attractions.

Like Seoul, Busan is a thriving metropolis that offers cutting-edge design and infrastructure and exciting culinary scene. But what makes it stand out is its popular city beaches and world-class natural hot-spring resorts. Busan also has a touch of international flare, with its numerous luxury boutiques and annual international film festival that hits the city every October.

Beyond the cities, visitors can have their fill of outdoor enjoyment. For beach-lovers, there is the gorgeous island of Jeju-do, a favourite destination for both domestic and international holidaymakers. The lush island is lined with near-perfect white-sand beaches and an assortment of hotels designed with rest and relaxation in mind. If you prefer a getaway in the mountains, then Hallasan National Park will inspire you to summit its peak. The dormant volcano is the highest point in the country and visitors can enjoy hiking up its slopes during the warmer months and skiing down them in the winter.

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