The main tourist centre in the north of Majorca in Spain, Alcudia is packed full of activities and very popular with families. Its 14km beach stretches all the way to Can Picafort, but it’s not just about the beaches. Alcudia’s old town, surrounded by a medieval wall, is well-kept with houses that date back to the 13th century and plenty of small tavernas where you can sit with locals and enjoy some delicious traditional Spanish dishes. Visit on a market day for lovely stalls and a taste of Majorcan atmosphere.

For a change from the beach and pool Alcudia has plenty on offer. Families will enjoy the Hidropark, where there’s all manner of slides and wave pools amongst other things.  Additionally, Alcudia boasts a spectacular natural environment and a full range of infrastructure where you’ll find all the nautical, water and underwater sports and activities you can think of. 

Heading to Alcúdia for your next holiday, with its sweeping bay, old town and tourist spots? Arrive at your destination in complete comfort with a hoppa transfer from Palma Airport to Alcúdia. We boast a team of specialist transfer partners, all of whom offer an enjoyable, stress-free service. Carefully selected, all of our providers guarantee to get you from the airport to your Alcúdian accommodation in no time. Book your journey from Palma Airport to Alcúdia with us now to polish off your holiday preparation.

Booking transfers from Palma to Alcúdia

Natural beauty. Historical intrigue. Golden beaches. Alcúdia offers all you could want in a sunny holiday. You’ll no doubt want to get all booking and planning out of the way so that you can start planning your adventure there. That’s why we offer a straightforward booking process for all transfers from Palma Airport to Alcúdia.

Simply enter your travel details into the top of this page and click the ‘Search’ button. You’ll then be given a choice of shared or private vehicles for your Alcúdia transfer.

What happens once I’ve selected my Alcúdia transfer vehicle?

After having selected your transfer vehicle, you’ll be taken on to the ‘Extras’ page, where you’ll see the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box. This is your opportunity to let us know about any transfer requirements that you have, so that we’re fully prepared to deliver the best service possible during your transfer from Palma Airport to Alcúdia.

Do you need an adapted vehicle for your motorised wheelchair, for example? Or do you think you’ll be carrying extra luggage during your flight and transfer? Tell us as much as you can so that we’re able to find the vehicle to suit your needs.

What’s the limit on luggage?

Like most commercial flights, each passenger is allowed a maximum of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. But as we make clear above, if you go over the limit, there’s no need to worry. You simply need to tell us in the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box.

Straightforward booking confirmation

Once you’ve completed your booking, you’ll receive an e-ticket. This crucial document contains all the information you’ll need for your transfer from Palma to Alcúdia, including pick-up times and meeting points. Carry it with you during your flight and trip, so that you’re able to show it to your driver before the journey to your accommodation.

We strongly advise that you print it out, in case the electronic device that it’s saved on runs out before you land. Make sure to have your e-ticket on hand – you’ll need to present it to your driver once you’ve landed down in Mallorca.

How much does an Alcúdia transfer cost?

So, just how much does an Alcúdia transfer cost? The prices listed next to each transfer option are what you’ll pay if you book your transfer then and there. As these prices are based on the current currency rates, they are subject to change.

So, if you start looking for transfers now and decide to resume your search on another day, the price may have changed since you first began looking.

What’s on offer at Palma Airport?

Just a short drive from some of the finest coastal towns in Mallorca, Palma airport is a busy hub for passengers to and from the island. Its reliable flight services, useful facilities and helpful staff attract millions of flyers every year.

In addition, passengers have the opportunity to roam Duty Free stores, enjoy sit-down meals at restaurants or simply grab a bite to eat from a take-out café. However long you choose to spend at Palma Airport, there’s a retail and food outlet to suit everyone.

Finding your driver when you arrive at Palma Airport

So, I’ve arrived at Palma airport – but how will I find my Alcúdia transfer driver? Thanks to our straightforward e-ticket, you most certainly won’t be asking yourself this on arrival. Instead, you’ll simply need to refer to the ‘find my pick-up’ section of your e-ticket. Here, you’ll find out where exactly in the airport your driver will be waiting for you. Once you’ve met them, they’ll escort you to your vehicle.

Help! I can’t find my driver

Can’t find your driver at the designated pick-up spot stated on your e-ticket? No need to worry! Our providers boast the most reliable drivers in the industry – each guarantees a swift and smooth pick-up and journey. So, if yours is late, it’s likely that they’re just caught in traffic, and will arrive as soon as you can. For updates and to find out where your driver is, call the number on your e-ticket.

Unexpected delays

Organisation is all well and good – but what happens if your flight’s delayed? Or what if it takes you a while to spot your baggage on the carousel? Whatever causes you to fall behind schedule, don’t worry. We know that delays can happen.

So, if you’re running late for your Alcúdia transfer, your driver will wait for up to 45 minutes beyond your original pick-up time. If you know you’re going to miss the initial pick-up time, just tell us. If you’re later than 45-minutes, we’ll send another driver – and this benefit applies to all delays under three hours.

What if I’m delayed for longer than three hours?

If you’re delayed for longer than three hours, you’ll need to reorganise your transfer from Palma to Alcúdia with us. But don’t worry! As we’ve already said, this can be done easily. You just need to head to our booking page and enter your travelling details – once you have, we’ll send you an e-ticket.

Getting home

Book both an inbound and outbound transfer with hoppa, and you’ll be guaranteed a straightforward journey to and from Palma airport. For your return Alcúdia transfer, the journey back will depend on the transport that you’ve selected:

Private vehicle passengers

You will be picked up by your driver from your lodgings at the time given on your e-ticket

If you’ve opted in to receive SMS messages, we’ll send you a text to remind you of your pick-up time

You’ll need to be ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time

Don’t forget to have your printed e-ticket at the ready to show to your driver on arrival

Shuttle bus passengers

You can check your pick-up information online in the ‘My Bookings’ section of our website 24 hours before your flight

If you’ve chosen to receive SMS messages from us, you’ll get a text from us the day before your flight to remind you of your pick-up time and location

We strongly advise that you arrive at your pick-up point 10 minutes before your bus arrives and have your e-ticket ready to present to the driver

Whichever type of transport you’ve chosen for your Alcúdia transfers, if your driver doesn’t arrive at the pick-up time, all you need to do is simply call the number provided on your e-ticket.

Hopping on from Alcudia

Collect your luggage

Get your ride

Arrive happy