Situated 40 kilometres west of Almeria City, the seaside resort of Almerimar is an idyllic location for all those searching for the perfect beach getaway. Stretched out over 13 kilometres, the sandy beaches which adorn the coast of Almerimar play host to the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. Aside from the picture-perfect backdrop which allows for maximum relaxing time, there is an absolute plethora of activities to experience, in and on the water. Ideal for water sports, you can partake in some windsurfing, swimming, snorkelling and diving, whilst there are also 1,000 berths in the marina and yacht club where you can rent vessels or take tuition if you need it. 
If you prefer your activities on dry land, then there are a few more options to choose from in the resort. Almerimar has its own luxurious 18-hole golf course with all the trimmings; from buggy hire to a pro shop offering lessons, this links course is sure to cater for all your golfing needs. But if golf is not quite your speed and you would rather something a bit higher-octane, then the Sierra Nevada Ski resort is just a 90 minute drive away. Skiing and snowing is of course on offer here during the right seasons but don’t let that fool you into thinking there is nothing to do there off-season because that would simply be untrue. Hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, and cycling are just a few of the other activities available at this beautiful resort based in the baking Andalusian sun. 
In addition to the beautiful beach, the scenery around Almerimar is equally picturesque. The quaint local fishing harbour attracts lots of foot traffic all year round and it’s easy to see why. This beautiful and idyllic piece of seafront harkens back to a simpler time and provides copious opportunities to snap a perfect picture to make all of your friends and family back home jealous. Also while visiting this scenic harbour make sure to check out the local restaurant menus, where Tuna is a speciality, and try some of the catch of the day.
And when you’re as full as possible with the beautiful Spanish cuisine, there are a number of places open until the early hours of the morning which cater to a more liquid-centric diet. So grab a cocktail and bask in the ambience that is Almeria at night. 


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