Aranjuez in Spain lies at the confluence of the Tagus and Jarama rivers in the southern part of the Madrid region. Not only are there some incredible sights to see here but the city is a sight in and of itself as, in 2001, UNESCO listed the Aranjuez cultural landscape as a world heritage site. So whether you’re visiting Aranjuez for the culture, the casinos or for business don’t delay and book your hoppa transfer service now from Madrid Barajas Airport and avoid wasting time battling with the airport taxi queues.

Aside from those in the royal palace complex, Aranjuez has numerous fine parks and gardens. A fun and helpful way to get an overview of them all is to take a ticket to ride on the chiquitren or wagon train. You can opt to buy a combined ticket that will also include entry to some museums and riverboat services.

In the long tradition of Spanish cuisine you’ll find seafood and shellfish available all year round in Aranjuez and often mixed with other international dishes for an interesting combination. A popular winter dish is cocido, compete a rich pork stew from which the liquid is served as a soup then followed by the vegetables and pork sausage.

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