Has Benidorm been on your bucket list for a while or are you a regular visitor to this popular Spanish resort? If you’re planning your big break and want easy and reliable Benidorm transfers from Alicante, you’re in luck. Here at hoppa, we offer a range of ways to get you to your accommodation so you can get your holiday started.

Thinking ahead to the trip home? No problem! We have all your transfer needs covered. Our team of transport partners can easily take you from Benidorm to Alicante Airport in time for your return flight. 

How do I book transfers from Alicante to Benidorm?

To make arranging your travel plans as easy as possible, we’ve created a straightforward system, so you’ll have your Benidorm transfers booked in no time.

Begin by telling us the dates you’ll be travelling and how many will be in your group in the search bar. This will quickly find all the possible transfer options available for those dates.

You can then search through the options to see which one will be the best fit for your group. We have either shuttle buses or private transfers available. We know that the option you choose will depend on everything from your budget to how many of you will be travelling, so we’ve created a quick-look guide to the essentials, such as cost, journey times and number of drop-off points.

When you’ve selected the type of transfer transport that you want, you’ll reach the ‘Extras’ stage. This part of your booking includes the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box. Take some time to fill this out as this is the section where you can tell us about what you need for the journey.

So, if you have any unusual luggage, require special assistance, or want to request an adapted car for a motorised wheelchair, just fill out what you need in the box and we’ll do the rest. This is also the section where you’ll need to mention if you’ll be travelling with a fold-up wheelchair. Your driver will need this information so they can help you when you get to your vehicle.

Should I choose private transfers or hop on a shuttle bus?

You’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice when you’re booking your transfers from Alicante to Benidorm. This is one of our most popular destinations in Spain, so we work closely with a range of travel partners to bring you the best transport to your holiday accommodation.

If you’re still trying to decide which type of transport suits you best, here’s a look at how they work.

What if I choose a shuttle bus?

Do you like the thought of getting the shuttle bus from Alicante Airport to Benidorm? This is a reliable, low-cost option that gets you there with ease.

There can be a waiting time of up to 45 minutes if you travel by bus. This is because other passengers who are getting on your bus will be arriving on different flights.

You’ll share the journey to your holiday accommodation with these fellow passengers. They’ll be dropped off along the way and your hotel or villa will be one of the scheduled drop-off points.

How do private Benidorm transfers work?

When you book a private transfer to Benidorm, you and those you’re holidaying will be the only passengers in the car or people carrier. You’ll all be taken directly to your accommodation from the airport.

Private transfer passengers are also given a scheduled pick-up time. This time is included on the e-ticket, so you’ll know when to expect your driver when you land in Spain.

What’s my luggage allowance?

Whether you’ve booked a shuttle bus or your opted for private transfers from Alicante to Benidorm, everyone in your party can bring one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage with them. We confirm this information when you book, but make sure you check the vehicle is going to be suitable for the luggage that you’ll have with you before you travel.

So, if there are a few you, you might need to book the people carrier to accommodate your belongings or if you’re travelling light, you can pop what you have on the shuttle bus.

What’s next?

Once you’ve made your decision about how you’d like to travel to your accommodation and completed your booking, you’ll receive an e-ticket. This will include all the important details about your transfers from Alicante Airport to Benidorm, such as where to find your driver when you reach arrivals, plus pick-up and drop-off times. 

When you meet your driver at the airport, they’ll ask to see your e-ticket as proof of your booking, so we suggest you print it off before your flight to Spain. If you’ve booked a return transfer with us, you’ll need to keep hold of your ticket during your holiday as our drivers will ask to see it on the way back, too. 

Where do I go when I arrive at the airport?

When you land at Alicante Airport, where you go to meet your driver will depend on whether you’re travelling by shuttle bus or private vehicle. This also varies depending on the travel partner you’ll be using for your journey to your accommodation.

You’ll find the details for where you need to go on your e-ticket, so always refer to this when trying to locate your driver once you’ve arrived in Spain.

One set of common pick-up instructions requests that you head to the Abas Costa Blanca desk, which you’ll find on level -2 (minus 2) and one level down from the baggage reclaim area. Here, you’ll find your travel representative who’ll ask to see your e-ticket and either take you to your vehicle or, if you’re travelling by bus, show you to a waiting area.  

Sometimes, you’ll find that your pick-up instructions direct you to the arrivals hall, where you’ll see a travel representative holding a sign displaying your name and ‘hoppa’. Again, show them your ticket and they’ll take you to your vehicle.

If you’ve booked a taxi from Alicante to Benidorm and you can’t see your driver in the arrivals hall, you’ll find updates displayed on the Taxi Official board. This is located to the right of the arrivals hall and next to the tourist information kiosk.

Whatever the instructions, always show the driver your e-ticket. If you can’t see any directions on your e-ticket, call the number in the ‘Find my pickup’ section of the ticket to find out what to do next.

Where is my driver?

Our drivers occasionally get caught up in traffic jams. If you can’t see them when you reach the pick-up point, call the number on your e-ticket quoting the reference number to get an update.  

What if my flight is delayed?

We know things don’t always go to plan. If your flight’s delayed or your luggage hasn’t turned up, your driver will wait for 45 minutes to account for these types of hold up.

We always recommend that you call the number on your e-ticket if you know there’ll be a delay, even if it falls within the 45 minutes. A new driver may have to be sent to you for delays of over the 45-minute waiting time, so keeping us posted is very helpful for us to rearrange your Benidorm transfers.

For any delays that go over three hours, you’ll need to rearrange your transfers with us and claim through your travel insurance.

Alicante to Benidorm timings

Benidorm has been attracting tourists since the 1920s. Today, millions of holidaymakers visit this sun-soaked city, returning time and again to enjoy its golden sands, adrenaline-fuelled activities and lively nightlife. This is the perfect location for those seeking a fun trip away from it all.

It’s easy to get here, too. You can be taking a stroll along the beach or enjoying the thrill of parasailing over the Mediterranean within an hour of leaving Alicante Airport. Transfers from Alicante to Benidorm take around 45 minutes, offering an easy and direct route to your holiday destination.  

Where do I need to go to meet my driver for my return transfer?

Getting back to the airport at the end of your holiday couldn’t be easier:

Private transfers

If you’re using a private vehicle to take you back to the airport, the ‘Find my pick up’ section of your e-ticket tells you the time your driver will arrive at your accommodation. We recommend being ready to be collected 15 minutes before your pick-up time.

We’ll also send you a reminder text about your pick-up details if you opt into receiving SMS messages from us when you make your booking. Can’t find your driver? Call one of the emergency numbers listed on your ticket and we’ll let you know where they are. 

Shuttle bus transfers

Are you hopping on a shuttle bus back to the airport? You’ll be given your pick-up details 24 hours before your flight’s departure time.

If you’ve opted to receive SMS messages, you’ll receive a text message detailing the time you’ll be collected. Alternatively, you can check online. Click on the ‘My bookings’ section and ‘Get my pick-up time’ links, where you’ll see information about when to expect the bus from Benidorm back to Alicante Airport. If you can&

Hopping on from Benidorm

Collect your luggage

Get your ride

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