It goes without saying that the oldest city in the western world is steeped in legend and culture. The early Greeks believed that Cadiz was founded by Hercules and when you lay eyes on the herculean landscape of broad white sand dunes, rugged mountain backdrops and rocky coastline, you might end up believing this ancient legend for yourself. The best way to get to know Cadiz is to visit the atmospheric city centre. This vibrant central district is an explosion of art, colourful frescoes, loud flamenco music and the aroma of delicious Basque cuisine.

The central district of Cadiz is best explored on foot. Take a stroll through the picturesque plazas, promenades and orange tree gardens of this city. The heritage of Cadiz is a rich mix of cultures and nationalities; from the Arabic style Moorish monuments, to the medieval catholic monasteries and the ancient Roman theatre, the architecture and ruins will take your breath away. This is an idyllic destination, especially for tourists who want to avoid the swarms of tourists in Spain’s better known cities.

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