Cala Pada

Relax and unwind, let your troubles melt away as you lounge on the warm sands of a beautiful beach in sunny Spain. Sound like your perfect holiday? Then Cala Pada is the holiday resort for you. Surrounded by bliss and beauty, you’ll find fantastic opportunities to simply indulge in the tranquillity in the resort.  

Book your Cala Pada transfers from Ibiza Airport with hoppa today to take advantage of our great rates, so you can relax the moment you arrive. Let yourself go as you take a dip in the calm, crystal clear waters that glisten under the warm sun. Work on that all important tan as you lounge on the beach, or feel the warm sand between your toes with a relaxing stroll across the beach as you take in the gorgeous ocean views. If that all sounds a little too relaxing for you, the beach is a perfect windsurfing spot too, with strong winds and plenty of other water sports available as well.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or excitement from your holiday, be sure to book your Cala Pada transfers with hoppa. With our fantastic rates and efficient service you can relax the moment you land at Ibiza Airport

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