Carchuna (Motril Area)

The coastal resort towns of Carchuna, Torrenueva and Castell de Ferro are all easily accessible on a Carchuna Motril area holiday, giving you a varied taste of tourist activities and the culture and history of the Costa del Sol. The Carchuna Motril area itself offers a great location for those looking for a quiet, family holiday in Spain or for couples looking for some undisturbed time alone. The area is still fairly untouched by tourism, but there is a lot to do. Walks can take you across the beautiful beaches, to the lighthouse, or to many other places of natural beauty.

Water sports are available and the Carchuna Motril area is very popular amongst snorkelers and divers with its clear, clean seas and stunning wildlife. There are also opportunities for keen fisherman in certain areas of the beaches as well as a great selection of cafés and restaurants in the Carchuna Motril area where you can sample traditional Spanish cuisine as well as seafood straight off the boat.

Carchuna Motril Area is the perfect tranquil oasis for those looking for a relaxed break from home, so book your Carchuna Motril Area transfers from Malaga Airport with hoppa today and let us handle everything for you so the relaxation can start before you even arrive.

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