Right in the centre of the Sant Julia de Loria province in Andorra, Certes is a great destination for you and your family to enjoy this stunning region. Breathtaking scenery surrounds this small village, with unspoilt, panoramic views of the mountains viewable from every direction. There are no blots on the horizon – everything here is natural and serene.

From the quiet resort of Certes, you’re only a short drive away from a slightly larger nearby town that has restaurants and bars available. There are also hiking and cycling tours in these areas as well, showing off the great history and culture of Andorra. In Certes itself, there’s a more adventurous route to follow, the Manyat Trail.

Andorra is a wonderful place to spend some time away from home, and Certes is an ideal location for relaxing in a calm environment. To make sure that no unexpected stresses crop up, book one of hoppa’s affordable Certes transfers for peace of mind. You and your family will be travelling across the border of Spain from Barcelona Airport, so you’ll want to be certain that the ride will be comfortable and efficient. We can guarantee this with our fast and reliable service, getting you exactly where you need to be safe and sound.

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