For centuries throughout the history of Spain, pilgrims have travelled from far and wide to visit Colbato in search of peace. Today, the same can be said for tourists, who visit for a peaceful place to stay on their holiday. The town has sat on the southern slope of the grand Montserrat for thousands of years, with its long history proudly shown throughout the winding streets.

A popular place to visit for locals and tourists alike is the Coves del Salnitre, a deep network of caves within the mountain. You can also climb up the mountain itself to find the monastery, as well as some awe inspiring views. Within the town itself, you’ll find several great bars and restaurants for you and your family, a museum, and some local shops for a memento of your time here.

Colbato is not too far from the bustling city of Barcelona – just over 45 km – so you can also spend some days out in the town, enjoying the nightlife, and soaking up some sun on the beach. Of course, this also means that it’s not far from Barcelona Airport, either. If you want to get your holiday started quickly, and for a good price, we can make that journey seem even shorter with our efficient Colbato transfers.

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