The city of Cordoba is located in southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, and is well known for its rich Roman history. It was founded by the Romans because of its strategically important location on the Guadalquivir River and became an important trading post. It is thought that Cordoba was at one point the world’s most populous city, though its current population of 330,000 is a lot more modest compared to some of the surrounding cities, offering plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind in tranquil settings.

Once you’ve booked your hoppa Cordoba transfers, you can look forward to planning your stay in this pretty city, where you can explore the historic old centre, which is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the city’s many historical and cultural sites. There are plenty of 13th Century churches, as well as memorials and sculptures, along with six bridges, including the Roman Bridge, which is over 20 centuries old. Relax in the parks and gardens and be sure to visit the city’s many museums and theatres during your stay here.

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