Cornella De Llobregat

Want to visit Barcelona but don’t know exactly which area to stay in? Well, Cornella could be just right for you. This municipality on the left bank of the Llobregat River is a great place to spend your time in Spain’s second largest city.

It doesn’t matter who you are or who you’re going with, you’ll fall in love with this resort. There are museums dotted all over the area in Cornella, covering everything from music to art, history to archaeology, and even more. If you’d prefer to spend your holiday getting a tan, you also have access to an exquisite sandy beach with top notch facilities. Of course, as you’re right by the Mediterranean ocean, this also means that you can indulge in a number of thrilling water sports. By day you can explore the historic buildings and shop to your heart’s content, while at night you can dine in one of the many fine restaurants and enjoy some drinks at a buzzing bar. Around here, there are additionally lots of festivals that take place, so if you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to see the real soul of Spain in all its glory.

Cornella is just a stones throw away from Barcelona Airport, and the quickest way to make the trip is to book one of our well priced Cornella transfers today.

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