Gaucin Village

If charm and authenticity are values you look for in a holiday, Gaucin Village in Malaga, Spain, is perfect for you. It’s ideally located just half an hour’s drive from the Costa del Sol, and of course, it’s right within buzzing Malaga. With its mountain views and quirky white buildings, Gaucin Village is a colourful and authentic escape.

 The history of Gaucin Village is rich and vibrant, with roots dating back to the Roman times. The magnificent Castillo del Aguila, or Eagle’s Castle, is now open to the public and offers breath taking views out over Gaucin and the rocky landscape of the sea. One of the most striking features of Gaucin Village is its orange and citrus trees which provide a wonderfully bright setting for leisurely strolls through Gaucin’s parks, churches and narrow cobbled streets.

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