Lanjaron is a beautiful spa town in the province of Granada, Spain, noted for its clean air and healthy environment. It is also famous for establishing the first bottled water company in Spain, and even today its bottled water is sold all over the country.

That’s not the only water related attraction in Lanjaron: it also hosts the Fiesta del Agua y del Jamon, known locally as the world’s biggest water fight. Buckets, hoses, water guns, anything that can carry water is involved! Tourists are welcome to take part, although they are almost guaranteed to get incredibly wet in the process.

High up over Lanjaron is the ruin of a Moorish castle. Legend has it that the captain who defended the town against Napoleonic troops flung himself off the castle when the battle was lost. Other historical remnants of note in Lanjaron are the fountains – there are many of them, all bubbling with the town’s famous water.

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