Palma de Mallorca Airport Car Hire

Are you heading to Mallorca soon? From business breaks to relaxing holidays, this part of the Balearic Islands has something for every traveller.

Mallorca – also known as Majorca – has a vibrant capital city. With its stunning architecture and cultural gems, Palma is an eclectic and beautiful destination. It’s a city that has everything you could want in a holiday location and more, from a captivating Gothic cathedral and bustling markets to a golden beach lapped by glittering waters.

As well as the stunning Palma, there are plenty of sights to see and golden sands to stroll along across the rest of Mallorca. Head to the picture-perfect beach at Cala Agulla or if you long for vibrant nights, book your stay in the party town of Magaluf.

Whether you’re staying in the city and want an easy way to get around or you plan on exploring every corner of the island, choose hoppa when you’re arranging car hire in Mallorca. We have a range of vehicles that are available and can help you find the perfect match for your stay.

Booking your car hire in Majorca with hoppa

If you’ve booked your holiday and all that’s left to do is to arrange car hire from Mallorca airport, you can begin your search right now.

Simply complete your travel details in the boxes at the top of this page, and when you’re ready, hit the search button. [LS2] 

From there, you’ll see a list of each car for hire at Palma de Mallorca Airport for the dates you’ve given. As a leading comparison site, we bring you a broad choice of vehicles, so you can take the time to see which is the best fit for your stay.

What should I look for in a hire car?

If you’re looking at the different cars for hire and you’re wondering how to choose, here are some pointers to help you find the best fit for your stay.

-      Pick-up point

We have plenty of options available if you want to collect your car from the airport. However, if you’re thinking about your budget, it could be cheaper to arrange an off-airport pick-up that involves a shuttle bus to your collection point[LS3] .

-      Space

How many people are in your party? How much luggage will you have with you? When looking for the right vehicle for your trip, make sure you’ll have enough room for everyone and everything.

-      The fuel policy

If you’re not planning on driving a lot while you’re in Spain, it might be more cost-effective to choose a car that includes a ‘full to full’ fuel policy. This means you’ll return the car with the same level of fuel that was in the tank when you picked it up and is ideal if you want to stick to a small budget for petrol or diesel during your stay.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Majorca?

You’ll see a price for each vehicle that’s available for your trip included with each listing. The exact price you pay depends on several factors, such as location, the type of vehicle you’ve selected and the length of time that you’re hiring the car for.  

But as we have a large number of suppliers on the island, we always offer the best prices. We work with both well-known car hire brands and smaller providers too, so you’re sure to find something to suit your budget.

Is there an age limit?

Most car hire companies state that people aged between 21 and 70 can rent a vehicle. There might be additional fees to pay if you’re over 70 and, in some cases, if you’re under 25.

What information do I need to provide to book?

Once you’ve selected your vehicle, you’ll need to provide us with the driver’s details. We’ll ask for the name, email address and phone number of the driver. We’ll also ask for your flight details if you’ll be picking your car up from the airport.

After that, you’ll just need to give us your payment details. When we have everything, your car hire booking in Mallorca will be complete. 

The e-ticket

We’ll send you an e-ticket after you’ve completed your booking. This includes information about the car hire provider and proof that you’ve paid for the car, so keep hold of it as you’ll need it when you get to Mallorca.

What information do I need to pick up the car?

The car hire company that you’ve booked with through the hoppa site will have a designated stand or area where you can complete the relevant paperwork and collect the car. You’ll find information about where your provider is based in the airport on your e-ticket. [LS4] 

When you get to the car hire counter at Mallorca Airport, you’ll need to have your e-ticket to hand as you’ll be asked to present this as proof of booking.

You’ll also be asked for the credit or debit card of the person who will be doing most of the driving during your stay. This will be to cover the car’s deposit, so make sure there are enough funds available. If you have any questions about how much the deposit will be before you fly to Spain, you’ll find this information in your e-ticket [LS5] or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Another key document to bring with you is the driver’s full, valid driving licence. They will need to have held this licence for at least 12 months, although it’s worth noting that some car hire providers will ask that they have held it for 24 months.

Our providers will ask for additional ID too, so be sure to have your passport ready, along with any other proof of identification they need. Again, you’ll find the requirements on the e-ticket[LS6]  or call the number on your e-ticket and we’ll be able to tell you what ID you’ll need.

Completing documents

To make sure you’re insured, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. It’s important that you read through the details so you know what you’re covered for. Double check the terms and conditions, too, as the specific requirements differ from provider to provider.