Mataro, the capital of the region of Maresme, is a large and exciting city located in a beautiful part of Barcelona, in Spain. It is a tourism center that brings in the crowds with its pretty beach and naturally boasts a wide range of attractions for visitors, including snorkelling and water activities, historical places of interest, shops, theatres and bars. It also hosts cultural festivals and events throughout the year, ideal for those wanting to explore the fascinating history and culture of the region.

The town is also full of hotels eager to cater to Mataro tourists, with something to suit every budget. All of them are modern, clean, and feature all the amenities you need for a relaxing and tranquil holiday. The whole town overlooks the sea and its soft golden sands, ideal for a day spent just unwinding. Mataro’s history dates back to the Roman times – many Roman ruins are dotted around the city, available for visitors to tour and photograph.  In the town center you’ll find the 15th Century Basilica of Santa María and the 17th Century City Hall. Mataro also holds an important place in the history of rail transport in Spain, as the first railway built in the Iberian Peninsula was between Mataro and Barcelona.

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