Santa Maria De El Paular

The Monasterio de Santa María de El Paular is a monastery in Madrid, Spain. Set against a stunning mountain background, it’s a popular tourist destination for those who love Spanish history and architecture. Benedictine monks still live at the monastery and they often perform Gregorian chants for visitors to hear, as well as running a shop where they sell the food they make.

Whilst the monastery is fairly plain on the outside, on the inside it’s spectacular. As well as beautiful architecture, the building houses many old paintings available for all to view. Guided tours are also available, although they are usually in Spanish.

The Monasterio de Santa María de El Paular also house guests who wish to stay overnight – they are expected to join in with the prayers and maintain peace and tranquillity at all times, which is an ideal experience for those wanting to learn the workings of a true monastery. But if you want to take in the Santa Maria De El Paular only for a day or two, there are also a variety of hotels in the area.

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