A port city on the north east coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea is Tarragona, the capital of the province that bears its name. Almost always bathed in sunshine, this wonderful city is a blend of Mediaeval alleys, Roman history and beach life. Tarragona has something for everyone to enjoy so why wait? Book your hoppa Tarragona transfers from Reus Airport today and avoid the stress of taxi queues.

Anyone with even a passing interest in history can’t fail to enjoy Spain’s second most important Roman site. Tarragona is rich in ruins, including a seaside amphitheater and the town’s Mediaeval core is reputedly the most beautifully designed in Spain. Steep walls place a protective arm around the cobbled streets all crowned with a splendid cathedral and a vibrant food and drink scene makes this an enjoyable and enticing place to while away some time.

As with Las Ramblas in Barcelona in Tarragona you’ll find the Rambla Nova: 700 metres of long wide avenue with the ubiquitous promenade in the centre and shops and cafés along each side where you can spend your time browsing, relaxing and people watching.

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