Tenerife South Airport Car Hire


Tenerife is the centre-piece of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean off of the West coast of Africa. Boasting a temperate climate all year round this location has become a favourite for holiday makers from around the world, whether to make the most of the summer or to chase some of the winter sun, it’s always a great choice. 


The island of Tenerife is formed by the volcanic Mount Teide pushing up from the ocean floor, making for a rocky and mountainous centre but surrounded by long stretches of sandy beaches around it’s 250km of coastline. Famously, one of the few places in the world that host the rarer black-sand beaches. 


With such a rich variety of sights to be seen on the island, it’s paramount that you are able to travel around efficiently to make the most of your time. Car hire options on Tenerife really help you take advantage of your time providing both the speed and freedom to tick everything off that bucket list. From Tenerife South Airport, car hire options are easily accessed at any time of day from a multitude of local suppliers which we’ve approved to ensure your holiday starts smoothly the second you exit the airport. Search, compare and book with hoppa today.


How do I book Tenerife Car Hire?


Once you know your flight details into Tenerife South then you can begin your search for the best car hire options available in Tenerife right now. 


Firstly, begin a search in the bar at the top of the page by inputting your travel dates and selecting ‘search’. We will then retrieve every option from our extensive list of transport providers, giving you a huge choice of vehicle types to ensure you can find exactly the right fit for you and your travelling party. 


What things should I consider when selecting my Tenerife Car Hire?


For most people there are usually three main factors. Firstly, how much space is required. An obvious one maybe, but will you need any extra seats or space during your hire period? Always worth having a think about the boot space too and if that’s a requirement you need to think about. Secondly, the fuel policy. Whilst there are a range of ways this can be implemented, the most common is to return the car at the same level of fuel that it had when it was picked up, often referred to as ‘full to full’. Lastly, which pick up point are you choosing? Here you can trade off the convenience of an airport pick up versus the cost-effectiveness of an off-site pick up if you are looking to make additional savings on your Tenerife Car Hire.