Tanzania is where the lines of your imagination and reality blur. The country is just that overwhelmingly beautiful. Throughout Tanzania there are amazing vistas to admire but the country’s most popular destinations win out by a landslide when it comes to breath-taking views. Due to the county’s political stability, wealth of natural attractions and reliable infrastructure Tanzania has long been a beloved destination in East Africa. Whether you are seeking a top-of-the-line safari experience, a relaxing island break or a cultural enlightenment, Tanzania is the perfect place for you.

Fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport in the capital city of Dar es Salaam and prepare yourself for a holiday unlike any other. The capital is low on notable attractions and with so many other destinations to explore; most visitors only pause in Dar before setting off elsewhere.

Jump over to Zanzibar either by plane or ferry and immerse yourself in the island’s vibrant and multi-ethnic culture. Zanzibar’s main city of Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s easy to see why. The aging city centre reflects the Islamic influence and eras gone by. Wander the labyrinth of alleys or stroll along the waterfront where you’ll see fisherman on their dhows. The island’s seafood dishes and curries are infused with a flavourful array of spices that will make your mouth water. The intense culinary creations are thanks to the Indian and Middle Eastern spice traders who used Zanzibar as an outpost over two centuries ago. The resorts along Zanzibar’s coastline offer luxury bungalows and stunning views of the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. Guests can enjoy a host of water activities such as, snorkelling, scuba diving and kite surfing.

Another short plane ride takes you to Kilimanjaro International Airport, your gateway to Africa’s tallest, and most legendary mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Avid hikers from all over the world challenge their skills on the mountain’s trails and steep inclines. Reach the top and you will be greatly rewarded with a jaw-dropping vista of the plains below. Not far from the mighty mountain are the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, which the park envelops. This world-famous area is home to some of the most diverse and abundant animal life on the continent. Safari tours provide the ultimate wildlife watching experience and there are numerous sophisticated lodges circling the park entrance.

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