Carthage is a town with rich historical elements and has a lot of interesting places for tourists to visit.
Popular attractions include:

Baths, dwellings, temples, shrines and the fabulous naval port of the Carthaginians.
The hill of Byrsa, where in the 8th century BC, Carthage was founded by the legendary Princess Elissa-Dido, is a storehouse of history. Newly restaured, the former cathedral of Saint Louis, which crowns the hill is now a cultural center and the nearby nationalmuseum of Carthage holds an impressive collection of Punic statues, steles and urns. How strange that this breathtakingly beautiful site should have been the theater of such violence, as a Roman historian wrote of the fall of Carthage the city was then razed and burnt to the ground and the accursed land covered with salt to ensure its barrenness.

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