Arrive happy with Tunis rides & airport transfers.

A key gateway to the wonders of North Africa, Tunis-Carthage Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Tunisia.  As the leading arrival destination for holidaymakers in Tunisia, the capital’s primary airport welcomes over four million passengers each year. Once you land, you can stay within the historic city or explore one of the many beautiful coastal points along the country’s eastern border.

Whatever you’re planning on doing in Tunisia, use hoppa to help you get there. Whether it’s a quick journey into the heart of the city or a longer transfer from Tunis Airport to Sousse further south, we can ensure you get the right value transport solution, direct to your accommodation.

Booking your Tunis Airport transfers with hoppa

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a quick and easy booking process. To begin, simply fill out your travel information at the top of this page – where you’re arriving, where you’re headed, the dates and numbers of passengers travelling – and hit ‘Search’.

We’ll then take a few moments to collate all the transfer options available from our partners and present you with a selection of shuttle bus and private transfer services to choose from.

Choosing between shuttle and private

Should you take a shuttle bus, or should you pick a private transfer? The answer really depends on what you’re looking for from your trip. Are you looking for the quickest and most direct service or the most budget-friendly? Here are the fundamental differences between the two.

Shuttle bus

  • The cheapest option available, offering the best-value travel solution to our customers.
  • A shared journey with other passengers using the service. This means you’ll be on a route with multiple drop-offs scheduled.
  • You’ll have a short wait (up to 45 minutes) between arriving and setting off for your accommodation. This is to allow time for every passenger to turn up.

Private transfer

  • Costs more than a shuttle bus, but offers you a quick, direct and private transfer.
  • Your booking will be for your party alone, meaning you’ll travel direct to your drop-off point.
  • Your departure time will be scheduled according to your e-ticket, which means you can expect a minimal wait time before setting off.

How much will my transfer cost?

It’s safe to say a private Tunis Airport to Hammamet transfer is going to cost a different amount to a quick shuttle bus into the centre of Tunis, so we can’t tell you straight off the bat how much a transfer will cost. However, if you enter your travel details above in the search bar, you’ll find a tailored price attached to each option we present you with, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Prices are live and subject to change, dependent on local currency rates and provider pricing, so bear in mind longer journeys like our airport transfers from Tunis to Sousse may fluctuate in cost. Don’t worry though, whatever price you book at is the price you will pay.

Extras on our Tunis Airport transfers

After choosing your preferred method of transport, you’ll see our Extras page up next. This is where you’ll have a chance to tell us about any special requirements you might need from us – perhaps you may need wheelchair access for one of your party or additional luggage requirements.

Let us know in the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Need to speak to someone about this? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Luggage allowance

Luggage allowance is typically one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per passenger, which matches what you’ll find on most commercial airlines. If you are carrying more than usual, let us know and we should be able to help.

Your e-ticket

Once you’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll send you your e-ticket to the email address you’ve provided. While you can access this online, we’d also recommend printing a paper copy off too. That way, should you not be able to access your emails for whatever reason, you’ll have a hard copy on hand to save the day.

Your e-ticket contains everything you need to know on your transfer – but more on that below.

What to do once you’ve landed

Once you’ve arrived in Tunis, refer to your e-ticket for the information you need (ideally, you’ll have already looked through this). Your e-ticket will tell you everything you need to know on meeting points, timings and what to do if you’re having trouble. Information may differ from one provider or transport type to another; not every trip is the same.

If you’re having trouble with anything and need some help, we’ve put an emergency number on the e-ticket which you can call.

Finding your driver

Finding your driver should be relatively simple, they will likely wait in the arrivals hall with a sign showing the travel company’s name, your name or “hoppa”. However, don’t be afraid to ring us if you’re struggling. Use the emergency number given.

Late arrival

Delays do happen, and we’ve accommodated for this. However, depending on how delayed you are, we may have to make some changes to your transfer:

  • Up to 45 minutes delayed: Your driver will wait for you as normal.
  • 45 minutes to three hours delayed: We’ll arrange for a new driver to come and pick you up.
  • Over three hours delayed: You’ll need to call us and rearrange your transfer and contact your travel-insurance provider.

However long you’ve been delayed, please give us a call and let us know. We can let your driver know and help you with any rearrangements if needs be.

Facilities at Tunis-Carthage Intl.

Originally a small seaplane base, Tunis Carthage Intl. has developed from humble roots. Built in 1920 the airport now serves as Tunisia’s primary travel port and welcomes major airlines from around the globe. At the airport, you’ll find all the typical facilities you’d expect from a major airport, from restaurants and duty-free shopping to special-assistance services.

The airport is a mere 8km from the heart of Tunis, so is readily accessible by car.

Journey times for popular Tunis Airport transfers

With Tunis Carthage being the main gateway to Tunisia, our transfer options don’t stop at trips into the nearby city. Our Tunis Airport to Hammamet transfers are among our most popular, as are our airport transfers from Tunis to Sousse.




15 mins


60 mins


115 mins

Returning with hoppa

We offer return journeys on all of our transfers from Tunis Airport to Sousse, Hammamet and beyond, so you can rest easy knowing your return leg is covered too. Like our outbound transfers, you’ll just need to refer to the e-ticket we provide once the time comes to set off, but there are typically a few general guidelines to follow.

Return by shuttle bus

  • The pick-up time for your transfer will be made available from 24 hours before your departure.
  • Pick-up information will be sent to you via text if you’ve opted into our SMS notifications. If not, you can find the information online at
  • If you can’t find your departure information, you can contact us via phone.
  • Please arrive at your pick-up point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Return by private transfer

  • Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at the time specified on your e-ticket.
  • You’ll also be notified by text message if you’ve agreed to receive SMS messages from us.
  • Please be ready at your meeting point at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.