Bordered by the Golden Horn to the north, the Sea of Marmara to the South and the Theodosian Wall to the East, Fatih is right in the heart of Istanbul both physically and culturally. This area has a long and illustrious history, having had settlers since the Byzantine Era and is also home to Istanbul University, which some say was founded as early as 1321. Fatih also benefits from having fairly warm weather all year round, with average highs in the summer months breaking the 30 degree mark, so there is plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun!
Because of its extensive history, Fatih is home to a number of stunning buildings you can explore. There is the aforementioned University, which has its main campus adjacent to Beyazit Square - also known as Freedom Square. On the opposite side of the square is Bayezid Il Mosque, which was the Imperial Mosque of the Ottoman empire and a building of great historical and architectural significance. The cultural and intellectual history of Fatih also means that there are lots of historic and modern libraries, most of which are free to look around. For those who want a break from the places of historical interest, there are also plenty of amenities in the district as it is one of the largest and most populated of Istanbul. There are plenty of theatres that show both Turkish and Western productions. 
Eating in Fatih is easy: there are thousands of restaurants, snack bars and eateries where you can treat yourself to a traditional meze, roasted meats or even the world-famous Turkish delights. The cosmopolitan nature of parts of the district mean that you can indulge in world cuisine, or simply have a glass of wine in one of Istanbul's famous nearby wine houses. For a frolic in the sun, you can head to one of the many beaches that are on the either side of the city and just a short drive away from Fatih, where you can unwind by the sea, or do the opposite and get your adrenaline pumping with some water sports; most beaches will have facilities to rent equipment or take lessons.
With so much to see and do in Fatih, letting hoppa take care of the little details means that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful area to its fullest.


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