On Turkey’s Turquoise Coast lies Patara. This idyllic coastal town boasts the longest beach in the country. Surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountain range, this stunning town is a truly unique destination. Famous for being the birthplace of the real Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Patara is steeped in rich cultural history and just a short walk away from the beautiful beach you’ll find some ancient archaeological ruins.

The beach of Patara isn’t just an incredibly long white sandy shore. This pristine bay hosts a range of adventurous activities, from windsurfing to parasailing. Scuba diving is also popular off the coast of Patara, especially during the summer season when green turtles make their home in the region. Go for a dip in these crystal clear waters and you can get up close and personal with these curious creatures. Further inland, the ancient ruins of the town include a 5000 seat Roman theatre and the Arch of Modestus which dates back to the 2nd Century and is just waiting to be explored.

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