Winston Churchill famously dubbed Uganda the “Pearl of Africa.” Despite spending a few decades in the shadows, Uganda is reemerging stronger and better than ever before. Savvy travellers know that Uganda is fast-becoming a favourite holiday destination in East Africa. As tourism to Uganda increases, thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts clamour to say they’ve “been there, done that.”

Home to the largest lake in Africa, the tallest mountain range which is the source of the continent’s longest river, Uganda offers endless possibilities to expand your horizons. The hauntingly beautiful terrain is ripe for hiking, climbing and white-water rafting. For a relatively small African country, some argue that Uganda offers the very best of the continent within its borders. Inside the country’s national parks are Africa’s “Big 5” animals, along with hundreds of other wildlife species. Get your binoculars out and set your sights on Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park and the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The two most famous parks offer not only incredible animal life but once-in-a-lifetime experiences as well. The Murchison Falls National Park allows visitors to take a river cruise to the immense rushing rapids, of which the park is named for. While huge numbers of Murchison’s elephant and rhino population has been wiped out by illegal poaching, a few species like giraffes, lions elephants and buffalos are making a very successful comeback. The park is also home to a steady number of hippos and crocodiles, so no swimming in these waters! If Uganda is a pearl then the country’s gem is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, A UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to half the world’s surviving mountain gorillas. The park’s densely packed forests provide sanctuary for the gorillas as well as eleven species of primates, rare forest elephants, bushbuck and 360 species of birds. The Bwindi Impenetrable is without a doubt Uganda’s most dazzling draw.

Straddling the shores of Lake Victoria is Uganda’s capital of Kampala. Remarkably clean and safe, Kampala is extraordinarily welcoming of tourists. Although not a popular destination itself, it does have a few fine attractions including: the Uganda Museum; the Kasubi Tombs, the final resting place of the Buganda kings; and the Ndere Centre where you can catch a dinner-theatre show featuring traditional music and dance.

For the ultimate remote destination to catch some R&R and enjoy a mesmerizing sunset, take a ferry to the Ssese Islands along the northwest shores of Lake Victoria.

There is no shortage of wonder and excitement in Uganda. Entebbe International Airport is your gateway to this phenomenal country. The airport is located about 41 kilometres from Kampala’s city centre. No matter where your Ugandan holiday takes you allow hoppa to get you there smoothly and safely. Our reliable Uganda airport transfers ensure you arrive on holiday happy or your money back. 

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