Arrive happy with London rides & airport transfers.

Located roughly 45 kilometres south of the heart of London in Crawley, Gatwick Airport serviced more than 46 million passengers in 2018 and flies to approximately 230 destinations around the world.

You may be passing through the airport for any number of reasons and whether it be for a holiday abroad, to see the sights of London or to make a connecting flight to Heathrow, hoppa’s Gatwick Airport taxi transfers are the perfect way to get around. By booking through us, you’re ensuring a reliable, efficient service at an excellent price as we endeavour to take all the hassle out of your journey.

Booking your Gatwick Airport transfer

The process of booking your London Gatwick Airport transfer could not be more straightforward with hoppa. All you need to do is enter your travel details in the boxes at the top of this page and then hit ‘Search’. You’ll then be presented with a range of transport options from which you can choose.

Your transfer to Gatwick Airport

Your private transfer to Gatwick Airport will include the following features:

  • You and any of your fellow travellers will be the only passengers.
  • You will have a pick-up time, which will be listed on your e-ticket and will be the time at which you are due to meet your driver.
  • You will be escorted to your vehicle and driven directly to your destination, with no stop-off points along the way.

How much do Gatwick Airport transfers cost?

After filling out your journey details and hitting ‘Search’ at the top of this page, you’ll be given a price for your Gatwick Airport taxi transfer. However, please be aware that these are live valuations and subject to change so, if you do return to your search later on, the cost may have altered from when you initially conducted the search.

What do I do once I’ve chosen my transport?

After you’ve picked out your London Gatwick Airport transfer, you’ll come to the ‘Extras’ stage of the booking, which includes a section titled ‘Anything we can help with?’

This is your chance to inform us about any special requirements you may have regarding your private transfer to Gatwick Airport, for example if a member of your party uses a wheelchair or if you have any unusual luggage that needs special care. Whatever your needs, here at hoppa we’re committed to providing the transfer that works best for you.

What’s my luggage limit?

Our typical luggage allowance is one piece of hand luggage and one suitcase per person. However, if you think you will be carrying more than that, please check before you book that your vehicle will have the required space available.

What about my e-ticket?

As soon as the booking of your Gatwick Airport taxi transfer is complete, we’ll send an e-ticket to your email address. We advise that you read the ticket carefully and familiarise yourself with it, as it contains information regarding your pick-up time as well as important contact numbers.

It’s also worth printing off a hard copy of your e-ticket before you fly. It will act as your booking confirmation and it will make your life easier when you come to show it to your driver.

Where should I go when I land at Gatwick?

It’s worth having your e-ticket close at hand when you touch down at Gatwick Airport, so you can easily check the instructions in the ‘Find my pick-up’ section, which will tell you where to go to meet your travel representative.

The directions can vary, depending on the travel provider, but most passengers coming into Gatwick are asked to go to the arrivals hall to meet their driver, who will likely be holding a sign with your name, or that of the travel partner.

Please read the ‘Find my pick-up’ section thoroughly and if you can’t see any information about where to go for your Gatwick Airport transfer, ring the number on your e-ticket and we’ll be able to help you out.

What if I can’t find my driver?

Sometimes, heavy traffic can cause our drivers to be a little late. If your driver is not at the pick-up location at the pre-arranged time, there’s no need to panic. Simply call the number on your e-ticket and we’ll provide you with an update.

What if I’m going to be late?

If you’re going to be late getting into Gatwick Airport because your flight has been held up, or perhaps your luggage is slow in arriving at baggage claim, then don’t fret! All you need to do is give us a ring on the number on your e-ticket to update us with your situation.

The driver of your London Gatwick Airport transfer will wait for you for up to 45 minutes or, if you’re going to be longer than that, we’ll send out a new driver. If you’re severely delayed and you’re running more than three hours behind schedule, you’ll need to rearrange your Gatwick Airport transfer with us and get in touch with the provider of your travel insurance.

What will I find at Gatwick Airport?

If you’re waiting for your flight and start to feel your stomach rumbling, Gatwick Airport has a whole host of restaurants available to take care of that hunger. Nando’s, Wagamama and Giraffe are just a few of the eateries at your disposal, while there is also a wide range of bars for those who prefer to warm up for a holiday with a little light refreshment.

Or if you prefer to kill time with a touch of retail therapy once you’ve checked in, why not take advantage of the selection of designer stores, where you can pick up that perfect holiday accessory just before you board.

What about my return journey?

The details of your Gatwick Airport transfer are as follows:

  • Your driver will collect you at a pre-agreed destination at the time listed on your e-ticket.
  • You may also wish to receive SMS messages from us, which means we’ll send you a text reminder about your return Gatwick Airport taxi transfer.
  • We recommend being ready 15 minutes before the agreed pick-up time with your e-ticket ready to show to the driver.
  • If your driver does not arrive at the pick-up location on time, please ring the emergency number on your e-ticket for an update.