Arrive happy with Newcastle rides & airport transfers.

The long-established capital of the North East of England, Newcastle is known for its good people and a good time. There is, however, plenty more to the city than its vibrant nightlife. Walk through the winding streets of the city centre and you’ll find culture, history and heritage in abundance, making ‘The Toon’ a location to rival any city for diversity of attractions. What’s more, the nature of the Geordie way of life means you’ll feel energy and passion at every step of your visit.

If you’re flying into the city, hoppa are here to provide you with simple, hassle-free Newcastle Airport taxis and transfers, both to and from your accommodation. With popular destinations like Durham and Whitley Bay both within reach of the airport, we can help you discover the very best of the North East with ease.

Booking your Newcastle Airport transfers with us

To book your Newcastle Airport transport with us, let us know where and when you need to go using the information boxes at the top of this page, then hit ‘Search’. We’ll take those details and come up with a selection of travel options from Newcastle Airport to your chosen location, featuring both shuttle buses and private vehicles.

Your options: shuttle or private?

So, two travel options – but which one is right for you? Both have their perks; it really depends what your priorities are heading into the journey. Perhaps you want the best value, or time is of the essence. Here are the key differences to consider.

Shuttle bus

  • The cheapest option of our available Newcastle Airport transfers.
  • You’ll share your journey with other passengers, dropping each group off at pre-determined points on the route. Your destination may not be first.
  • You may have to wait up to 45 minutes before setting off on your transfer – this is to allow all passengers using the service to arrive in time.

Private transfer

  • More expensive than our shuttle options, but the quickest transfer solution from Newcastle Airport to the city centre and beyond.
  • Our Newcastle Airport taxis are privately booked, meaning your journey will be for your party alone, direct to your accommodation.
  • Your wait time for your private transfer should be significantly less than it would be for a shuttle. You’ll be given a scheduled set-off time tailored to your arrival in Newcastle.

How much will my transfer from Newcastle Airport to Newcastle cost?

Naturally, the cost of a transfer from Newcastle Airport to Newcastle, Whitley Bay or further afield will depend on all sorts of factors, such as the travel method, date and departure time. When you fill in your details and are presented with the relevant travel options, you’ll also be given specific prices for each one.

Bear in mind that these are live prices, so the figure you see today may be different tomorrow. That’s because our prices are based on live valuations, which can be affected by domestic currency fluctuations and accommodation pricing. Regardless, your price will be fixed from the moment you book with us, so you will always be able to agree to a figure you feel comfortable with.

What’s next?

Once you’ve completed the initial stage of booking, we’ll direct you to our ‘Extras’ page. Here, you can tell us about any additional requirements you have using the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box, so we can look to accommodate you as best we can.

Perhaps you need a private vehicle with wheelchair access or are carrying some particularly precious cargo. Whatever it is you need taking care of, get in touch to let us know how we can help.

Luggage limits

Our luggage policy is very simple. We will generally have space for one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person, which tends to align with standard allowances on commercial airlines. If you’re going to be carrying more than that with you, head to the ‘Extras’ page and let us know – we’ll see what we can do.

Your e-ticket

After you’ve completed your booking, we’ll send you your e-ticket. Consider this your golden ticket – not only will it give you access to your chosen transport, but it will also offer you all the key information you need when travelling with us.

To be safe, we’d recommend printing off a hard copy to go alongside your digital one, then there’s no worries about tech mishaps or signal drama when the time comes.

Finding your driver upon arrival

On your e-ticket, you’ll be able to find the ‘find my pick-up’ section. This will give you all the instructions you need on where and when to meet your driver, plus any additional information you might require. Your driver will likely be in the arrivals hall with a sign including the travel company’s name, your name or “hoppa”. If there is anything you need to know that you can’t find on your ticket, just give us a call and ask – the number is on your ticket.

The details of your pick-up location and meet time will depend on the type of transport you’ve chosen, as well as the provider for your journey.

Struggling to find your driver?

You should find it relatively simple to find your driver, but if you’re struggling to find them just give our emergency number a call and we’ll help you find where you need to be.

What to do if you’re running behind schedule

Delays do happen from time to time, which is why our drivers will wait up to 45 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time for you to arrive. If you know you’re running behind, do give us a call and let us know, even if you’re confident you’ll be able to get there within the time period.

If you’re anywhere between 45 minutes and three hours late, you’ll need to call us and arrange a pick-up from a different driver. Should you be unfortunate enough to be delayed by over three hours, contact us to rearrange your Newcastle Airport transport. You’ll also need to contact your travel insurer.

What’s available at Newcastle Airport?

Newcastle Airport is the North East’s largest airport. Having first been opened in 1935 as an aerodrome, NCL International is now the main gateway to the North East.

Although comparatively small to some of the major UK airports, Newcastle offers all the typical amenities you can come to expect of a modern airport. Plenty of shopping and dining spots are available, as well as free Wi-Fi and family-appropriate facilities. Its location in relation to the city is excellent, with the centre of Newcastle less than 20 minutes’ drive away.

Journey times on Newcastle Airport transfers

If you’re looking to map out your full journey duration, you’ll find these timings useful to accurately plan your itinerary.



Newcastle City Centre

 15 mins

Whitley Bay

 25 mins


 30 mins

Returning to Newcastle Airport

If you’ve organised return transfers back to Newcastle airport, refer back to the ‘Find my pick-up’ section on your e-ticket. This should provide you with the key information you need. Again, if you have any questions, you can give us a call.

Return by shuttle bus

  • Your pick-up time will be available from 24 hours before your departure.
  • If you opt into our text notification service, we’ll send you the relevant information via SMS. If not, you can find the information here on the site.
  • Make sure to be at your pick-up point 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Return by private transfer

  • You’ll be picked up by your driver at the time specified on your e-ticket.
  • If you’ve signed up to our SMS service, you’ll receive a text reminder, too.
  • Be ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.