Oakland (ME)

There are many tourist attractions in Oakland, California which will keep the traveler entertained. Oakland is a city of a few firsts, like a three-dimensional children’s amusement park, which inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland, and the creation of the first Popsicle sticks. It also has some interesting features that make it unique. Lake Merrit, Oakland beautiful lake is the only salt-water lake that is completely surrounded by a city.

Children’s Fairyland is situated on the beautiful Lake Merrit, definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Oakland. You can take walks around the lake, watch sailors and windsurfers, and picnic in many of the beautiful park areas provided around the lake. At night the lake is lit up.

Oaklands local bars are all about promoting this great city in the East Bay. Visitors who want a little slice of life as an Oakland native should be sure to spend some time hanging out in local bars.
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