Arrive happy with Hewandorra rides & airport transfers.

Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, lush rainforest and magnificent mountain views, St Lucia is one of the most stunning Caribbean islands. There are so many reasons to treat yourself to a luxurious getaway here. Whether you want to dive in the coral reef around Rodney Bay or relax by the sea with a piña colada, St Lucia will no doubt be an unforgettable trip.

Hewanorra Intl. Airport is your gateway to a holiday of a lifetime – when you arrive, you will be blown away by the jaw-dropping beauty of this tropical island paradise. Where else in the world can you wake up to the sights and sounds of hummingbirds or the cool, Caribbean sea breeze?

However you choose to spend your time in St Lucia, get your trip started right by booking your airport transfer from Hewanorra in advance with us. We work closely with our partners and compare our prices daily to guarantee that you’re getting the best service, at the best price.

Why not book your Hewanorra airport transfers with hoppa today?

Booking your Hewanorra Airport transfers with hoppa

To book your Hewanorra airport transfer with us, let us know your pick-up and drop-off location, as well as your travel dates, in the search bar above. When you’ve done that, hit ‘Search’ and we’ll show you a selection of private vehicles available for your trip.

How much does a Hewanorra Airport transfer cost?

Next to every vehicle that is available for your chosen dates, you will find a price. These prices are what you’ll pay if you book at that moment. However, they’re live valuations, which means that they’re based on factors such as currency rates, so these pricings can change. 

If you see a figure that you like on one of our transfers from Hewanorra airport, we’d recommend booking it there and then – this will freeze the price at the rate you’ve seen, regardless of any future changes.

I’ve chosen my car. What happens next?

After you have chosen the private vehicle that you would like to travel in, you will come to the ‘Extras’ page. This is your opportunity to let us know if you would like to add anything to your booking, such as an additional suitcase. Whatever you need, just let us know the details and we’ll look to accommodate you. If the right option is not immediately available, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is there a luggage allowance?

Yes, there is. All of our Hewanorra airport transfers allow one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. If you’d like any additional luggage just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Printing your e-ticket

After you have completed your booking with us, we will send your e-ticket to the email address you provided. Although you will have access to it via email, we recommend that you print it off and keep it safe.

Your e-ticket will provide details of your departure times, where to find your driver, plus additional information on your journey.

What to do once you’ve arrived at Hewanorra Intl. Airport

Once you’ve arrived at the airport, look for the ‘Find my pick-up’ section on your e-ticket. Here you’ll find all the instructions you need to locate your Hewanorra Airport taxi. Make sure that you read all this information carefully. If you’re having trouble with anything, you’ll find an emergency number on the ticket too. Call this if you need any help.

I can’t find my driver. What should I do?

It should be a fairly easy process to find your driver, as they should be holding a sign with either your name, the travel company’s name or “hoppa”. However, they can sometimes be held up due to heavy traffic, so on these rare occasions, you can call the number on your e-ticket to find out how long they’ll be.


We’re well aware that delays can happen, and although we hope you don’t have to experience one, we are prepared for if you do.

Our drivers will wait up to 45 minutes after the original pick-up time, and we can arrange a new driver to come for you if your delay lasts between 45 minutes and three hours. If you know that you’re not going to make the original time, please call the number on the e-ticket – even if this falls within the 45-minute window. From there, we can start to plan another driver for you if needed.

In the unlikely event of a delay lasting longer, you’ll need to rebook your transfers from Hewanorra Airport and contact your travel insurer.

What’s on offer at Hewanorra Airport?

The larger of the island’s two airports, Hewanorra Intl. can be found in the southern St Lucia town of Vieux Fort. Situated 40 miles to the south of St Lucia’s capital, Castries, the airport owns several cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as typical duty-free shopping.

Journey times for airport transfers from Hewanorra

Typical journey times from Hewanorra Intl. to popular destinations are as follows:



Rodney Bay

100 mins


70 mins

Marigot Bay

75 mins

Heading home

If you’re looking for a taxi to take you back to Hewanorra Airport, allow us to help. The process works much the same as your outbound journey, but on your way back, your driver will collect you from your accommodation at the time listed on your e-ticket. Please aim to be ready to leave 15 minutes before your pick-up time and ensure that you have your e-ticket to present to them once they have arrived.

If you’ve opted to receive SMS messages from hoppa, we will also send you a text to remind you of your return journey details. If you need any help, or if your driver doesn’t arrive on time, call the emergency number on your e-ticket and we’ll be able to give you guidance.