As communities grow and develop, it is inevitable that they will attract places of entertainment. Musicians, actors, parks, and playgrounds all develop to suit the recreational needs of the population. Waukesha’’s Springs Era gave entertainment for the community a boost, as the city became a host to the entire world for healing and relaxation. Musical concerts were frequent, and landscaped parks dotted the area.
The famous Silurian Casino opened in 1893 as one of the grandest theaters in the Midwest.
That same year, a small park on nearby Pewaukee Lake, by the name of Waukesha Beach, opened to the public. Waukesha beach was destined to become a statewide tourist attraction after the turn of the century, as it would add such modern thrills as roller coasters and motorized rides.
Also following the turn of the century, a new form of entertainment made its way to Waukesha – film. Movie theaters popped up in Waukesha beginning in 1906, and have continued ever since.
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