Punta Del Este

Punta del Este

Punta del Este has scenic coasts and beaches. There are two types of coast: Brava and Mansa. This shows the end of the Río de la Plata (Silver River) on one side and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side. Every beach of the peninsula has public access. There are quiet and calm water beaches while others have strong waves, white and fine sand or thick and golden ones. The split between wave types is around the Monumento al Ahogado, which the sculptor designed to warn swimmers that the rough waves could cause them to drown. La Barra is popular for nautical sports and fishing. Other areas include El Tesoro resort, Montoya beach, Bikini beach and Manantiales beach. Nowadays this area has become an important tourist center.

The city has much colonial architecture contrasting with more modern buildings. Nowadays it has a scenic shore, typical resort houses, modern buildings, a port with mooring capacity, department stores, restaurants, and pubs. There are several large houses, and gardens lined with plants. Gorlero Avenue, the main avenue of Punta del Este has commercial galleries, restaurants, cinemas, casinos, shops. Artigas square, over Gorlero Ave is the place where the popular handicraft market takes place, selling goods made of leather, stone, metal, glass, etc.

The tiny peninsula of Punta del Este, with its yacht harbor and expensive hotels, is Uruguays most spectacular beach resort. There are two kind of beaches, one at the ocean side and one at the bay side. Each summer, this glamorous Atlantic town draws rich and famous tourists from Europe and South America. Apart form its fantastic beaches, the lively, chic resort of Punta del Este has superb food and scenery. The area is clean and not too pricey: a weekend would cost a couple about $200 (U.S.) for lodging and meals. All the Argentinean and Brazilian jet sets spend their summers ( Dec. to March )there.

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