Venezuela invokes the great adventurer inside us all. The country’s phenomenal landscape changes so dramatically; it seems to be nature’s way of showing off. From the cloud-covered peaks of the mighty Andes down to the endless stretches of sun-drenched Caribbean coastline, Venezuela has something for everyone. The country’s beauty is not limited to its natural scenery; the handsome capital of Caracas is an urban jungle with a colourful style all its own and the cities of Carúpano, Coro and Mérida deliver their own visually stunning landscapes.  There is always something new, fresh and exciting to discover in Venezuela, no matter the political climate.

The pinnacle of any holiday to Venezuela is a boat trip up the Guaja River to the thundering Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world. At a staggering 979 metres the cascading falls are a monumental force of nature and an incredible vision to behold. The falls are in the remote Canaima National Park, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site where numerous tepui or plateaus, punctuate the grasslands and several other waterfalls feed the Canaima Lagoon.

Other natural masterpieces in Venezuela include: Los Llanos, the world’s most tropical grasslands; Morrocoy National Park’s secluded beaches and sultry forests and the sugar-fine beaches and turquoise waters of Los Roques Archipelago.

For a splash of style and culture spend a few days in Caracas. While most tourists tend to bypass the city, Caracas has a few colonial gems worth discovering. The capital also offers a diverse culinary scene in the Altamira district and a late-night party culture that will keep you dancing until 5AM. For a look into Venezuela’s history check out the several spots honouring the famed nationalist leader Simón Bolívar including, La Plaza Bolívar in the city centre as well as La Casa Natal de Simón Bolívar.

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