Kalo Horio

Literally translated as Good Village, no one can argue that the Cretan Kalo Horio is not a great destination for all types of holidaymakers. Slightly sheltered from the large influx of tourists to the nearby towns, Kalo Horio offers an idyllic escape for families, couples, solo travellers and groups of friends.

Don’t miss out. Book your Kalo Horio transfers with hoppa and we’ll make sure you have time to make the most out of your Greek getaway. Be sure to take advantage of the restaurants which provide you with the glorious, authentic tastes of Greece. Bathe in the sun and seas of Kolo Horio’s exotic beaches, all within just 1 km of the village, or explore the other sheltered coves along the coast. The town of Kalo Horio itself is authentically Cretan, with a beautiful church and even a park area for young children. Its surrounding hillsides are brimming with olive and orange groves and just below the town sits Istro, a modern village build on the site of an ancient town, where the remains of a Minoan Settlement have been uncovered.

Crete’s capital, Heraklion is just half an hour away and is ideal for those wanting to explore fortresses and Byzantine churches. Hoppa can deliver you safely from Heraklion Airport to Kalo Horio, so sit back, relax and let us help you get the most from your holidays.

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