Rhodes has been one of Greece’s most famous islands throughout its storied history. The dozens of archaeological sites and remnants of civilisations past hark back to when Rhodes stood at the centre of the Byzantine Empire and beyond. Now, Rhodes is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Rhodes offers gorgeous vistas, remarkable ancient ruins, crystal-blue waters, chalky white beaches and a roaring nightlife. That fantastic combination makes Rhodes truly a Grecian paradise.

The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes has been labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once housed the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  While nothing is left of this behemoth bronze statue, visitors can still walk around the Mandraki Harbour in Rhodes Town and imagine what the mighty Colossus was like. Just three kilometres from the centre of town lies the well preserved Acropolis of Rhodes. The extensive archaeological site contains sanctuaries, formidable temples, a stadium, public buildings and an amphitheatre spread along a stepped terrace. As the sun sets over Rhodes Town you will find a plethora of evening entertainment options to enjoy. The harbour is lined with many bars and tavernas and there is a fine selection of gourmet restaurants to try. For a little more action, visitors can venture over to New Town for a lively night of dancing in one of the substantial selection of clubs and discos.

The little island of Sými is the most popular day trip from Rhodes and justly so. About an hour away by speedboat, Sými provides visitors with some of the most awe-inspiring vistas of colourful houses set against the cerulean blue sea.

The picturesque town of Lindos is another favourite site on the island. Iconic white washed cubic houses line the winding streets and alleyways set below the steep hill that house its acropolis. Lindos is a captivating blend of ancient and medieval architecture. For a historical tour, start with a walk-through of the acropolis and marvel at the Temple of Athena and the breathtaking views of the bay. Then, pass through the medieval Castle of the Knights of St John built in 1317. The beautiful beach at Lindos extends along the sandy white cove and calm turquoise waters. Lindos provides a more peaceful nightlife. While there are plenty of bars and tavernas where you can enjoy a meal and a sundowner, the limit on noise means you won’t find wild nights here.

If you prefer a more frenzied party scene matched with a bustling beach, then Faliraki is by far your best bet. Known as ‘the Ibiza of Greece,’ the resort area is popular with a younger crowd who keep the fun going until dawn.

Rhodes has been blessed with broad, beautiful stretches of beach, mostly along the northwest side of the island. From quiet, pebbled beaches like Ixia, to sprawling sandy beaches with crystal -clear waters like Kalathos, there is a beach to please every holidaymaker.

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