Sougia is a small Cretan village with a beautiful beach, a place that has generally missed out on mass tourism, boasting a serene and tranquil feel whilst retaining the beauty of the larger resorts.

In ancient times Sougia was the city of Syia, known to the Romans as ‘the city of pigs’ and apparently the home of the Cyclops of Greek legend. Today it boasts an exciting history and a collection of ancient ruins that make it all the more surprising it’s stayed under the radar for so long. Tourists can take in the church of Agios Panteleimon with its mosaic floors, or drive to the ancient city of Lissos which houses the Temple of Asklepios. It makes an excellent starting point for a tour of historical Greece.

If that’s not your area of interest, Sougia’s long beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming and water sports. Hotels often offer activities taking place in and around the water. A warning however: since the Seventies the beach has been very popular with nudists.

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