On the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes in Greece you’ll find the beautiful little seaside town of Stegna. With a family friendly vibe, Stegna is popular with families, and with a beautiful beach and almost guaranteed sun you’ll be able to work on that glorious tan and relax on the warm sand.

Book your Stegna transfers with hoppa and relax for less. During the day there is a quiet, family vibe with the right side of the beach open to the public and the left side reserved for guests of the hotel. If you’re looking for a taste of Greece, including the delicious seafood, you’ll find the Stegna Seafood Restaurant right on the coast. And it’s not all about relaxation; evenings in this pretty resort can be a little livelier, especially along the more popular stretches of sand where beach parties are a feature, ideal for a relaxed taste of Greek nightlife. In the village itself you’ll find plenty of quaint little taverns, mini markets for shopping and plenty of pretty building just waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, shopping or excitement from your holiday book your Stegna transfers from Rhodes Airport online with hoppa today, and we’ll get you there with great value prices. 

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