The village of Vathi in Greece is a tiny and traditional Cretan mountain village that lies en route to Chrisoskalistissa Monastery or the beach of Elafonsi Island in the southwest of Crete. Vathi village has two Byzantine churches with frescoes and a walk through the village reveals many ruins of once beautiful Turkish and Venetian houses. Vathi village is a mere kilometre from Kefali, also a traditional village where you can soak up the culture and history of the region. Prepare for your dose of Grecian sunshine by booking your hoppa transfers today from Chania Airport to Vathi and look forward to relaxing in that Cretan sunshine and sea. 

Vathi beach, also known as Asterousia, is a spectactular stretch of sand. Located 17km south west of Heraklion it is situated close to Crete’s southernmost point. Shaped at the exit of a small gorge and surrounded by cliffs it’s concealed from the open sea making it a natural hideout. Although the sea on surrounding beaches can be choppy here, because it’s so sheltered, it’s almost always calm. There’s a small and simple coffee shop on the beach and shade to found under the tamarisk trees, ideal for those travelling with little ones.

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