One of the three parishes of São Vicente, Boaventura has many wonderful landscapes. The population of this green place is concentrated on their red roof houses around the church, built in honour of Santa Quiteria. Boaventura is a nice place to stay if one wants to trek along Madeira levadas and through some old paths that climb the mountain starting on the sea level.

The Porco (Pig) River waters join the ocean on a small rocky beach protected by two islets, the Preto (Black) islet and the Vermelho (Red) islet, so called due to its geological formation, basalt for the first one and volcanic tuff for the second one. Towards the river spring there are some small populations like Fajã do Penedo, Lombo do Urzal, Achada Grande or Achada da Madeira, which for some centuries lived isolated and subsisted from agriculture

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