Camacha is a beautiful small village a few kilometers in the hills east of Funchal. It is famous for its ‘Apple Festival’ and its very active folklore dance groups. Camacha is also called ‘the village of basket makers’ which is actually not doing it any justice as it is much more than that ... it represents the centre of Madeira’s willow craft industry!

Nowadays they make furniture, hats, ornaments, kitchen utensils, wine holders and of course... baskets of all sizes and shapes. All in all over 1000 different articles are on exhibition, which is an absolute must see for every tourist! Many also consider the Camacha village the ‘Madeira Island Capital of Culture’. In fact, if you look around, you will find very talented people and lots of cultural, social and entertainment events. One of the best examples is one of the local folklore groups, which is one of the most famous Portuguese folklore groups known throughout the world.

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