A new road traverses the 1004 m high Encumeada pass. Starting in Ribeira Brava at the south coast, the road winds up to Serra d' Agua (which was the island’s first water power station) and arrives at the top of the valley giving incredible views of both the south and the north coast.

On many days a fascinating display of clouds arriving from the north and curling their way down the southern slopes can be observed. At the pass don’t miss out on the opportunity of going on a very enjoyable ‘levada’ walk. An overnight stay is possible in the state run Pousada dos Vinháticos.

There is a wide range of opportunities to satisfy your leisure requirements. The Atlantic invites you to go sailing, fishing, whale & dolphin spotting, water skiing, surfing, diving and of course swimming. Sea temperatures vary between 18 to 24 ºC depending on the time of year. For sub aquatic enthusiasts, the Garajau coast line offers one of Europes first underwater nature reserves.

Back on land there is a vast amount of leisure activities available. The listings below will help you to find the things you love to do - and who you can do them with.

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