Garajau lies on the south east coast of Madeira, close to both the capital Funchal and the airport. Madeira is a beautiful fertile island with spectacular scenery, where steep cliffs drop into the sea and terraced gardens are filled with vibrant flowers. It enjoys a sub-tropical climate with pleasantly hot summers and warm winters. Garajau is an upmarket residential area offering excellent accommodation for visitors. It is a good base from which to explore the capital and to enjoy the many walking trails.

Garajau offers year round sunshine with no extremes of temperature, and beautiful surroundings. Being close to Funchal, visitors can combine culture and history with sun bathing, water sports, walking and shopping.

Garajau is a year round holiday destination with no extremes of temperature. The summers are pleasantly hot with temperatures lying in the mid-twenties and the winters are only slightly lower.

A Garajau holiday is popular with couples of all ages. Although sandy beaches are strictly limited, the sea water pools make a good substitute. Ramblers of all levels of fitness come to Madeira to walk along the levadas, the system of irrigation channels that carried water from the wetter north to the drier south of the island.

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