Within the town are a number of long buildings with double doors that open into courtyards, off which are often more than just a large storeroom with a suitable dwelling. The produce was dependent on the time of year and could be from carob beans to topsoil vegetable products. On the outskirts of the town is a co-operative for the owners of vineyards that still produce a full bodied red wine. The amount of wine produced has been seriously affected with the diminishing of vineyards as their owners over recent years have found a new pot of gold by selling their land as building plots. The parish church was inaugurated in 1814 but there is the older church, the Igreja de Misericórdia that dates from the middle of the 18th Century. In August of every year an important commercial and rural produce Fair named Fatacil is held in the town exhibiting products from all over Portugal. This occasion provides an excuse for enjoyment and national bands with their singers entertain the visitors late into the night.

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